Create Your Future!


MAK – Michael A. Kaplan, Founder & Executive Director

After spending more than 25 years working in a broad range of roles for private business, publicly traded companies, non-profits and government, and most recently as the Co-Founder & Managing Principal of the Venture Capital firm, Revenue Capital Management, MAK has been devoting an increasing part of his work to education and the teaching of entrepreneurship.

From 2013-2015 MAK held the position of Managing Director of Lewis & Clark College’s Center for Entrepreneurship (covering the College of Arts and Sciences, the Graduate School of education and counseling, and the Law School), where he helped design, managed and taught in a department aimed at enabling students from all fields of study to learn how to both create new value and their own futures.

From this first-hand experience in academia, teaching entrepreneurship courses and interacting with college students on a daily basis, MAK identified a need for a program like Onramp.  Most colleges do an excellent job at teaching students important and valuable information.  However, a centuries-old education model can sometimes teach knowledge in ways that make it seem fixed, without clear application, and siloed.  This approach does not fit well in today’s performance-based world, and presents college students with challenges as soon as they finish walking across the graduation stage.  Onramp provides helpful answers to these challenges.

“A significant change in how people work is underway that prizes an entrepreneurial mindset.  Fortunately, a field of practice and research known as “effectuation” has identified an “entrepreneurial method” similar to the “scientific method.” This method offers an accessible, highly effective foundation for developing an entrepreneurial mindset.  Onramp, which is a learning lab and practice environment for developing effectuation competency, is leveraging this advantage to enable our cohorts to truly succeed.”