Eligibility for Admission

The majority of Onramp students are admitted after their junior year, for the summer before their senior year, or in the first year or two after graduation.

In a limited number of instances, some applicants may be admitted for the summer following their sophomore year where their record and application evidences unusual readiness.

Onramp’s content and work is designed, and timed, to provide its cohorts with significant advantages in competing for and excelling at early career opportunities — or graduate school — and identifying overlooked or new options.

No, not at all. Onramp is about getting you from where you are to where you want to be — doing whatever you most want to do. Successfully.

Entreprenuership 2.0 applies to all areas of endeavor. The thing that admitted students should expect to be a requirement across all fields and disciplines is the need to work hard – there is simply no good substitute.

You probably guessed that they certainly don’t hurt — and poor grades make admission unlikely.

However, rather than focusing largely on grades, at Onramp we seek cohorts who have demonstrated successful efforts to be independent thinkers, willing collaborators, and explorers who are striving to make themselves and the world a better place at the end of each day.

At Onramp we believe this can be determined in a range of ways, and grades are only part of the picture.