Onramp Mentorship & Training –  Hands-on practice and discussion about real world work issues are covered in-depth to prepare students for success in work environments and relationships — topics range from areas such as professional email practices to compensation structures and hiring negotiation.   These skills are developed in ways that are applicable to both for profit and non-profit organizations, and highly important to both those seeking to work independently or inside organizations.

Learning Effectuation – Effectuation is the cornerstone of our work at Onramp.  Effectuation (www.effectuation.org) is a set of principles practiced by expert innovators that enable them to solve problems and create new value — wherever they work whatever their role.  At Onramp we believe, and practice!, that one can have an entrepreneurial mindset without needing to be an entrepreneur.

Onramp Consulting Team – The Onramp cohort works together as an effectuation consulting team on assignment to an area business and provides strategic, effectuation recommendations, and implementation support.  These projects are not simulations and are ‘live’ issues.

Onramp Teamwork & Road Trips –  Onramp emphasizes building skills for both collaborative and hierarchical environments.  As part of Onramp training, we make onsite visits at exemplar innovation organizations to see how successful teams work (possible visits are to groups such as Amazon.com, The Knight Cancer Institute, Galois, Nike and others).


  • Provide first-person, real world examples and insights about HOW to be effective. Onramp presenters focus on sharing how they accomplished what they have — and this is then explored, both real-time and in off-line follow-ups, by the cohort for its consistency or dissonance with the principles of effectuation.
  • Provide exposure to a variety of individuals who have created their own futures    — including some who work in organizations they don’t control.
  • Provide opportunity to work with interesting, capable, and successful professionals from a broad range of areas.  In addition to discussion, presenters roll up their sleeves to work with students and jump-in on current Onramp  work assignments.  This allows students expanded experience working with senior level managers and executives, and allows Onramp guests to gain perspectives from students and observe their abilities.


Invitations are made from relationships and connections in many fields ranging from Venture Capital to Academics, Health Care to Commercial Real Estate, from Washington, DC to Walt Disney, Nike to Intel, Amazon.com to the Aspen Institute, Digital Encryption to MedicMobile.org, and more.  Some of our 2016 guest organizations are shown here.